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As the governing society for the Institute of Communication, Culture, and Information Technology, it is our responsibility to represent the interests of our students. Whether it's improving courses or programs overall, we are here to listen to student concerns and advocate on their behalf. Each of us on the executive team started off with a small network, a limited portfolio and the little idea of what direction we wanted to pursue. But we've been through the ropes and we've grown together. That's why we've made it our mission to help others on their journey. It is what the ICCIT Council truly stands for.

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We host over 40 events each year, both on our own and in collaboration with other organizations. We help students connect with one another on various academic, professional, an social levels. Some of our events include academic and creative workshops, networking, and social de-stressors.


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Tabloid is our newsletter where we communicate future events, resources, and important deadlines that students in the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology may find important.


We update students and faculty on things happening within ICCIT and any opportunities that appear. We also showcase opportunities for students to help build their resumes and networking skills.

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