So You Want to Be a Web Developer

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Web development is an in-demand field with the rise of internet and the need for those who have mastery in coding in so many industries.

Learn to Code

Try taking CCT260, CCT360 and CCT460 which are courses offered at Sheridan College, part of the ICCIT Institute on web design. They teach students step-by-step coding – how to make webpages and other items without any prior knowledge of coding. Languages taught include HTML, PHP, CSS and WordPress.

There is a lot of self learning when it comes to web development. Practicing code is something very hands on that the more you do it, the better you will be! There are tons of free resources online that can help you in your learning process. From YouTube tutorials to those on and WordPress Codex there are a lot of resources available.

Get Inspiration

Do you admire a web developer? Find out what inspires you about them!

Showcase Your Developments

Whether it is making a website that has all your projects on it or showing your newly made app to your classmates, it is important to share your knowledge and let the world know of your talent. Interviews for Web Developer Positions sometimes require portfolios, so this is always great to have.

Get Certified

Interviewers will ask you technical questions and there may even be a test that can set you apart from other candidates. This is why it is important to keep up with the industry trends on which software/program is in demand and keep brushing up on your skills. Acquiring certifications such as those in PHP, JAVA, WordPress…etc., are a strong backbone for your resume when applying to jobs as well.