So You Want to Get Into Public Relations

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Public Relations (PR) is the act of managing and communicating information between and organization, people and the public. The CCIT Institute opens up students to a wide variety of courses that are foundations for building skills such as oral communication or written communication for students interested in PR.

PR is not only about spreading the world, there’s more to it. A lot of the times PR works with marketing to ensure that the message is out in a particular way and is branded properly. Non-profit organizations, corporations, universities, small businesses, hospitals, governments and all sorts of firms need PR to survive on a daily basis. That press release you read is more important know you believe so, it is created to inform thousands of stakeholders such as the public on what is going on with a particular aspect of a company.

How do I get into PR?

To get into PR, you need to have excellent written communication skills. To harness these, practice writing on a regular basis, whether it is for assignments or leisure!

Be Informed

Join the Canadian Public Relations Society, the Canadian Marketing Association and follow all key groups such as the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms on LinkedIn. It is important to be on top of your social media, as some roles in PR involve working with social media to send out key messages.

Summer Internships

Summer Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door of the PR world. Interviews usually require students to do a formal test that has the questioning period of a normal interview along with a written document that assess’ your capabilities against what the company desires in their candidate. Doing research ahead of time on what the job’s requirements are along with good knowledge of the company’s background can prepare you well for this interview.

Finding an internship is not easy, it requires daily monitoring for jobs on websites such as Indeed, Eluta (has tons of Journalism, Media and Communications jobs) and TalentEgg from January to March during the school year. What do I type in the search bar? “Communications Intern” or “PR Summer Student” are a few popular terms to type in for results. The experiences you will gain from an internship are worthwhile! You will be situated with others that love similar work as you in the PR field and you will get to see what it is like in the day of a PR employee. Learning how to solve problems using critical thinking and watching others that have a passion for PR is not something that can be taught but one that can be observed once in an internship.