So You Want to Get Into Marketing

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Marketing jobs are known to be “fun” and creative. However, before getting to the “fun” it is important to research the “how” to enter the field in a strategic manner. Marketing is defined as the act of promoting and selling goods and services to people. Careers within the field of marketing are quite diverse. A Marketing Research Analyst can have a completely different role in comparison to a Brand Marketing Coordinator. This is why getting to know the specific area of marketing you want to go into is crucial, however this requires a lot of research from networking to learning from courses at school and simply thinking to yourself what would you see yourself doing in the future.

Have you followed the Canadian Marketing Association on LinkedIn or checked out their website? That would be your first step. This organization has been helping marketers connect to each other and build a network for their kind spectacularly!


Oral and Written Communication are extremely important in the marketing field. You may have a creative idea, however you need the right voice orally and in a written manner to get your word across to the audience. Hence, the courses we take in our programs are truly a practice for us to develop our skills before we enter the business world.


Join clubs internally within school and externally within associations such as the CMA, attend seminars related to marketing such as the 2016 Digital Media Summit and keep your LinkedIn Profile up-to-date. The more you get to know people in the field of marketing, the better your reach for answers to your questions or future job opportunities. Know people in the marketing field such as your cousin or aunt? Talk to them, ask them how a day in their life is and their daily challenges.

Summer Internships

During December, January and February of every year, companies Canada-wide accept applications for Summer Student and Summer Intern positions. Take advantage of these! An internship is your foot in the door and think of it as a trophy on your resume that will help you get a full-time job after you graduate with more ease. Putting your hands in the actual work of marketers and working under exceptional leaders is phenomenal to kick start your career, so get looking! Websites such as or post job vacancies daily!!

How can you be better than the rest?

This is hard, as there are a lot of people on the same boat as you looking for something in marketing. However, you can be better than them! How?

Keep your self updated on recent marketing trends that the Fortune 500 companies face on a daily basis. From superbowl commercials, to social media feuds, it’s your responsibility to know all of this, as it can help you in an interview as well. Check Marketing Magazine for the most up-to-date information on marketing trends.