So You Want to Be an Event Planner

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Planning an event is an experience everyone should have! Whether it is planning an event for your business, university club, class, group of friends or even your birthday party, it requires a variety of strategies.

Skills Required: Organizational, Time Management, Interpersonal, Conflict/Problem Solving, Negotiation, Leadership, Creativity and Oral Communication.

  • Research Prior to Event: Is this event do-able? Will people attend – Is the biggest question
  • Approvals: Has the authoritative figure that this event resides under been informed of it and signed the authorization papers for the go ahead?
  • Food Arrangements: If there is food, how will it be served and delivered to people and how are allergies and other requirements being taken care of.
  • Team: The key members of your team that will help you in making the event, as without a good team the chances of a good event will be reduced. Will there be room for volunteers to help out?
  • Initiations: Have the invitations been sent out in a timely manner prior to the event and marketed to the specific target audience? How do people RSVP and pay for the event? Can they RSVP over social media?
  • External Members/Participants of Event:
  • Financing: Who is going to pay the start-up costs for this event? How much money are we starting with? Who will be responsible for managing the finances from beginning to end of the event?
  • Supervision: It is essential to have an adequate amount of people supervising the event to reduce the chances chaos or problems. For example, security guards at campus pub nights ensure that the audience is well and that the event is going smoothly.
  • Evaluations: It is always important to assess the progress of your event to see how you can improve the next time around. The evaluation can include the number of people that attended, the number of people that took part in special activities, challenges faced and highlighting the people that took most the initiative during the event.