Networking 101

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Networking is essentially building a relationship with another person in an informative manner. The highly competitive marketplace of today requires us to have excellent networking abilities and get our message across to the other person effectively.  Your network includes more people than you think. Imagine, it consists of your high school’s alumni, university classmates, former colleagues, […]

Choosing Your Subject POSts: Communication, Culture, Information and Technology

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  If it’s escaped your notice, your first year with the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology is technically in the Communication, Culture, Information and Technology Program. CCIT offers a solid foundation in the broad and increasingly important field of how humans use, love and fear the technology they create. You also get to hone your […]

So You’re Going Into Second Year DEM

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Congratulations, you’ve made it into one of the most prestigious programs at UTM, give yourself a pat on the back! Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) is a collection of courses from the CCT program and others specific to the program that have a focus on the Internet and World Wide Web, which are evolving and creating […]

Volunteer Opportunity: Suitless Pursuits!

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The following is a message to all ICCIT students from Conrad Muan, a DEM graduate: Suitless Pursuits is looking for volunteer contributors and volunteer video producers. We’re a 100% volunteer run side project run by CCIT and DEM grads. We interview people with interesting side projects that they pursue outside of their normal day to […]