So You Need to Buy a Suit

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Figure out what the suit you need is for, the more versatile it is, the more occasions you will be able to wear it for! A dark suit such as black, navy blue or even grey can be used at more occasions and looks great at night as well. However, if you need a formal, business suit, stick to it, and get the right one that fits you best.

Tips when trying on a suit:

  • Take a friend with you to the store or ask the sales-person for advice from their perspective on how the suit fits you
  • Close the top button of the suit to see how it looks, as this is how you will be wearing it while walking, otherwise leaving it open when sitting down.
  • Check the type of pants you want to match with the suit, such as flat front pants, decide if you want cuffs or plain bottoms
  • Your jacket sleeve should show a bit of your shirt cuff, it should not be too baggy and not too tight
  • The suit jacket should not be too long, especially for men it should not be longer than the size of your arms when they are placed vertically.
  • Try the suit on with a long-sleeved shirt to see how it looks with it

What occasions can can suits be used for?

Everywhere. From parties, interviews, get-togethers, corporate events, school networking events, fundraisers, weddings, convocation and many more places!


Suits can be bought from: Toms Place, Haggar, Harry Rosen, Moores Clothing for Men, Tip Top Tailors, Zara, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Top Man, Club Monaco, Calvin Klein, The Bay, Le Chateau Menswear and many other places!

More Affordable Places: H&M, Express


Women can pair a suit jacket with pants, a dress or a straight pencil skirt for professional occasions.

Suits can be bought from: Laura, Laura Petites, Zara, The Bay, Le Chateau, Melanie Lyne, Artizia (sells suit jackets), Top Shop, Ann Taylor, The Loft, Calvin Klein

More Affordable Places: H&M, Express, Dynamite, Aritzia (sells suit jackets)