Q: What is the purpose of ICCIT Council?

A: ICCIT Council endeavors represent the interests of all CCIT/DEM/PWC/IDM students. Our social and academic events seek to build a strong culture within ICCIT programs. This includes students ICCIT Specialists, majors and first year students taking CCT109 and 110.

Q: How do I get involved with the Council?

A: Drop in to our office hours (12-2 on weekdays in CC2170), come out to an event, or attend an Academic Workshop! Visit the Council website, and don’t forget to join the ICCIT Council group on Facebook to stay up to date.

Q: Why should I get involved?

A: Involvement with the ICCIT Council is a good opportunity to network with other students and faculty in the program. Being involved with the Council will also allow you to develop skills and relations with industry professionals who work in fields related to ICCIT.

Q: How can I become an executive?

A: Members have the opportunity to nominate an ICCIT student (themselves included) to run for one of our Junior Executive positions during February. Senior executive roles (President, VP internal/external, special events director) require an interview process. Elections will be held online and only ICCIT students will be able to vote.

Q: Where is the ICCIT Council office located?

A: The ICCIT Council office is situated on the second floor of the CCIT Building in room 2170.

Q: Can I visit at anytime?

A: Of course! We have an open door policy! We also have office hours every weekday from 12-2pm. You are free to visit us anytime during those hours with any questions or concerns, or to say hi!

Q: What are some examples of events that you hold?

A: Our special events include an ICCIT Orientation in the beginning of the year and a Gala to end the year. We also hold many social events such as our annual Wings Night (Lord of the Wings ‘07, Wingception ’10). Finally, our Academic Events help students with networking, essays, exams and the technical side of programs (i.e. Adobe CS).

Q: What is ICCIT?

A: ICCIT stands for the Institute of Communication, Culture and Information Technology. The institute encompasses:

  • CCIT (Communication, Culture and Information Technology)
  • DEM (Digital Enterprise Managment)
  • PWC (Professional Writing)
  • IDM (Interactive Digital Media)

ICCIT’s programs are interdisciplinary and subjects vary by program. Courses teach everything from blog etiquette, social media marketing, and web development to design theory, PR marketing and project management. All courses strategically relate to how modern technology effects human communication in today’s society. For more information on the program click here.

Q: How do I get into DEM/IDM?

A: All specialist information can be found at here.

Q: What courses can you suggest?
A: Come visit our office at CC2170, message us on Facebook, or visit any of our groups for more information.