Choosing Your Subjects POSts: Interactive Digital Media

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If you attended the ICCIT Council’s WHAT THE BLEEP IS ICCIT? event, you would have basked in the final reveal of the revamped Interactive Digital Media program, the last but certainly not the least of the four ICCIT programs we’ll be covering in this Subject POSt series. This enigmatic program went through a huge overhaul in terms of design. But now it’s back, more revolutionary than ever, for ICCIT students to explore as a potential Subject POSt and career path.

IDM is all about policy studies and research in context of information and communication. So think open data initiatives, intellectual property rights, surveillance, the digital divide and what it means for us, cyber security, cloud computing (because we all know how safe that is) and consumer rights. It’s basically teaching you how to dissect the different methods we communicate today and finding the treasures and pitfalls that come with it.

If this sounds cool to you, here are the fields of employment you could get into: policy development and analysis, legislative advising, marketing, private and governmental project and campaign coordination and education. The possibilities really are endless, because as Professor Anthony Wensley, the Director of ICCIT, said about IDM, it “marries interpretation, design, people, technology and tech skills into one distinguishing program. It’s not Computer Science. It’s not Sociology.” It’s a mix of all the things.

There aren’t any Sheridan courses; instead you get to work with the prestigious iSchool at the St. George campus, where you’ll be exposed to different projects and the whole graduate vibe, if you’re into that sort of thing. The iSchool, also known as the Faculty of Information, is dedicated to examining information and communication phenomena (sound familiar?), and offers all sorts of cool graduate programs, such as Master of Museum Studies and Master of Information. And the cool part is: you can apply for a joint Master’s so you can work on your graduate degree during undergrad!

It’s been a long time coming, but the newly-minted IDM program is now here to distinguish you from all the communications students in the job market. Does information and how we communicate it absolutely fascinate you? Do you want to experience more than just a regular undergraduate program? Then this might be the pathway for you.

Note: This is a deregulated program and a Type 3 Subject POSt.


Program Requirements:


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