About Us

The ICCIT Council is the official academic society representing students in the ICCIT department. We promote creative, social, academic and professional events, initiatives & advocacy for students in ICCIT on and off campus. Students in ICCIT pursue careers in film, design, advertising, campaigning, media, development, software, business, e-commerce, digital marketing, innovation & management industries.

For the operating year of 2014-2015, it looks like the following:

• Over 45 events we’ve held since September until the end of March(12 operating weeks per semester, almost two events per week)
• New courses being implemented as per our consultation and existing courses being modified
• Academic consultations in a personal, one-to-one format as well as with over a hundred students at a time as well
• Bursaries and subsidies for professional development (conferences, etc.)
• A conference catering to students’ professional interests in technology, design and business and expanding the scope & brand that is UTM (UofT’s Innovation & Design Expo)
• Networking events, professionals panels, charity rock concerts, personal finance workshops, company & firm tours, ICCIT Frosh, ICCIT Gala, Model UN, case competitions, public speaking competitions, Film Festivals, the Last Lecture Series and more
• Increased partnerships with on-campus organizations by 1200%
ICCIT Council Annual General Meeting presentation can be viewed here