What Does TheICCIT Council Do

Academic Workshops

Academics are what brought you here. It's where you learn the theory, the knowledge, the skills and complete the rites of passage before getting your degre…

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Social Experiences

School is tough. Stressful sometimes. So much so that you don't always have time to go out, or when you do, you don't have anyone to go with. Whether you'r…

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Professional Initiatives

At the ICCIT Council, we are committed to your professional development. Whether you want to go into advertising, marketing, design, project management or …

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Represent Students

As your academic society, it is our responsibility to represent your interests. Whether it's improving courses or the programs overall, we are here to list…

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So You Want to Be a Web Developer

Web development is an in-demand field with the rise of internet and the need for those who have mastery in coding in so many industries. Learn to Code Try taking CCT260, CCT360 and CCT460 which are courses…

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