Communications and Archaeology: Why these two disciplines are destined to marry one another

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Being a communications student amongst archaeology students is like being a quacking duck amongst inquisitive ants, you’re only good at the talking while they’re exceptionally intelligent at accommodating their surroundings, but in the end, opposites attract don’t they? About seven weeks ago I landed in Tbilisi, Georgia with a group of Canadians from The University […]

So You Want to Be a Web Developer

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Web development is an in-demand field with the rise of internet and the need for those who have mastery in coding in so many industries. Learn to Code Try taking CCT260, CCT360 and CCT460 which are courses offered at Sheridan College, part of the ICCIT Institute on web design. They teach students step-by-step coding – […]

So You Want to Get Into Public Relations

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Public Relations (PR) is the act of managing and communicating information between and organization, people and the public. The CCIT Institute opens up students to a wide variety of courses that are foundations for building skills such as oral communication or written communication for students interested in PR. PR is not only about spreading the […]

Entering the World of Entrepreneurship

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You’ve made up your mind that you want to start a company. Congrats and welcome to the world of entrepreneurship! Do an external analysis, such as Porter’s Five Forces to analyze your current competitive position in the market, so you can determine how to position the company strategically. Skills Required: Determination, Oral Communication, Written Communication, […]

So You Want to Be an Event Planner

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Planning an event is an experience everyone should have! Whether it is planning an event for your business, university club, class, group of friends or even your birthday party, it requires a variety of strategies. Skills Required: Organizational, Time Management, Interpersonal, Conflict/Problem Solving, Negotiation, Leadership, Creativity and Oral Communication. Research Prior to Event: Is this […]

So You Want to Get Into Marketing

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Marketing jobs are known to be “fun” and creative. However, before getting to the “fun” it is important to research the “how” to enter the field in a strategic manner. Marketing is defined as the act of promoting and selling goods and services to people. Careers within the field of marketing are quite diverse. A […]

So You Need to Buy a Suit

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Figure out what the suit you need is for, the more versatile it is, the more occasions you will be able to wear it for! A dark suit such as black, navy blue or even grey can be used at more occasions and looks great at night as well. However, if you need a formal, […]